Wrinkles Schminkles' Forehead Wrinkle Patch targets deep forehead wrinkles, fine forehead lines, and forehead creases. Our patches are composed of 100% Medical Grade Silicone and are designed to gently attach to the skin, erasing and preventing new forehead wrinkles and creases.


Refresh wrinkles on the forehead caused by ageing, repeated facial movements, or sleeping on your side. No need for frown line filler or injectables with our pactches because they enhance the skin's natural capacity to hydrate, retain moisture, stimulate blood flow, and boost collagen development. Perfect for use by both men and women.


Enjoy an instantly elevated and smooth forehead after your first use, with even better benefits over time, when worn while sleeping or for a minimum of 2 hours during the day.


Forehead Smoothing Kit

GST Included
  • 100% Medical Grade Silicone