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laser skin rejuvination

Laser Skin Rejuvenation

Laser Smooth offers Laser Skin Rejuvenation to target anti-ageing, wrinkles, sunspots, hyperpigmentation and skin laxity.

Pre and Post Care

Treatment Plan

This course of treatments will usually be six sessions 4-6 weeks apart. Best results are obtained with consistent appointments.



Please limit your sun exposure for two weeks pre and post treatments. If you must be out in the sun always wear sunscreen. Laser Smooth recommends ASAP 50+ Hydrating Defence.

While fake tans are preferable to sun exposure, please plan your fake tan appointments for after your laser hair rejuvenation sessions. Fake tan can affect your settings and create a higher risk of burning.

No makeup/lotion/deodorant on the day of your appointment on the treatment area.


It is the customers responsibility to cover all tattoos close to the treated areas before treatment. If it is a small tattoo covering with a bandaid might suffice, however if it is larger then cover with a white adhesive bandage allowing 2-3 cm overlap. Outlining in white skin safe marker is an additional safeguard. Treating over a tattoo will result in burning, blistering and possible distortion of your artwork.

There must be a six month wait after stopping Accutane before commencing laser skin rejuvenation.


Post-Care - First 24 Hours

Redness, bumps and a minor sunburn feel can be common in the treatment area and may last up to 2 or more hours. If you are sensitive you can apply a cool pack or we recommend the ASAP Soothing Gel applied as often as required.

The treated area may be cleansed gently with mild soap. Pat the skin dry instead of rubbing. Avoid:

  • Sun exposure

  • Hot showers

  • Excessive sweating

  • Swimming and saunas

  • Makeup

  • Any retinol or glycolic based products


Do not exfoliate skin in first 24 hours.


Wear sunscreen. Laser Smooth recommends ASAP 50+ Hydrating Defence.

Post-Care - Between Appointments

Limit sun exposure to reduce possibility of any hypopigmentation or hyperpigmentation. Laser Smooth recommends ASAP 50+ Hydrating Defence.

You may notice some skin peeling, coffee grounds like appearance or micro crusting of the area being treated. This is normal. Please do not exfoliate or pick at these areas. Let the face naturally shed this skin and moisturise frequently.


Does it hurt?

No, however you may experience a slight pinch like sensation.

How long does it take?

Each appointment takes half an hour as you are treated to a complimentary mini facial with each treatment.

Can bearded areas be treated?

As there is a risk of permanent hair removal, bearded areas and eyebrows will not be treated.

Can everyone have a treatment?

No, not everyone is a suitable candidate eg it is not suitable for if you are pregnant, have epilepsy or over any tattooed areas.

To properly assess you and your suitability Laser Smooth offers a free consultation and test patch. Please contact us on 0407 786 920 for more details.

What are the results?

SSR  is a fantastic anti-ageing treatment that can reduce the signs of ageing by reducing the appearance of wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, age spots and freckles. It can also treat rosacea and broken capillaries.

What system do you use?

Laser Smooth uses Super Skin Rejuvenation (SSR) to address issues at the root. Safe, high energy light is targeted right at your problem area(s).

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