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Teeth Whitening

Laser Smooth uses the PearlySmile Teeth Whitening System. This is a professional system utilising Aduro’s medical grade LED that will remove extrinsic staining on your teeth. Teeth Whitening is no longer seen as a luxury treatment but part of a regular self-care routine. Yellow and stained teeth are seen as ageing and really stand out in today’s world.


Are your products legal?

All PearlySmile products comply with current Australian legislation.

Can it cause teeth sensitivity?

No, there are no pain or sensitivity issues.

How long will it take?

A single treatment takes 20 mins and a double treatment takes 40 mins.

Will this affect my fillings, crowns or veneers?

No. It won’t cause any damage to your fillings, crowns or veneers. Pearly Smile can assist in bringing these back to their original colour but will never be able to whiten them more than that.

How long will my results last?

With the correct aftercare you should expect the results to last 4-6 months.

Detailed aftercare procedures are posted below.

How often can I have treatments?

We recommend a follow up treatment every six months to maintain your new gleaming smile. The product has no peroxide so is perfectly safe to perform regularly.

Can I combine my teeth whitening with an Aduro LED light therapy mask?

Yes, for a small add on cost you can combine with the LED light masks and/or collagen treatments. This can help with concerns such as acne, hyperpigmentation or ageing.

How white will my teeth become?

The amount of whitening varies from client to client so results cannot be accurately predicted or guaranteed however 4-6 shades is a normal shade change for a single treatment or 6-12 shades with a double treatment. 

How does it work?

It is a simple process where the gel breaks down into water and oxygen when exposed to the blue light. The oxygen then penetrates the tooth enamel to release the stains from the teeth.

Pre and Post Care

Treatment Plan

One treatment is all you need to initially whiten your teeth from 4-8 shades. You can also opt for a double treatment that will whiten your teeth 6-12 shades. Follow up treatments are recommended every 6 months.



A dental visit is required in the last 6 months before initial treatment.


All untreated dental issues must be addressed with your dentist.


Please note this treatment is not suitable for epileptics.


Post-Care - First 24 Hours

Avoid smoking for the first three hours but preferably the first 24 hours.


Do not consume any tea, coffee or coloured drinks or foods for the first 3 hours. The general rule is if if would stain a white shirt be sure to avoid it for the rest of the day!


Although this product does not cause tooth sensitivity a small percentage of customers may experience irritated gums for a day or two. To minimise the risk please be gentle whenever using the brightening powder and not use a toothbrush for 24 hours following your treatment if your gums are irritated. You can still clean your teeth using a small amount of toothpaste on your finger and use a mouthwash.


Apply a thin layer of the Daily Teeth Whiten Foam on top of your toothpaste every time you clean your teeth.


Post-Care - Between Appointments

For greater longevity of your results we recommend the use of the Aftercare Pack. This pack uses the same brightening powder and whitening foam that we use for your in-salon treatment.

  • Apply a thin layer of the Daily Teeth Whiten Foam on top of your toothpaste every time you clean your teeth. 

  • Use the brighten powder gently once a week instead of your toothpaste to help remove external staining.

  • Apply a thin coating of whitening gel from the Pearly Smile Teeth Whitening Pen one night a week before bed.


Limiting your consumption of any dark coloured food and drinks such as tea, coffee, beetroot, red wine, spaghetti as well as reducing smoking will help to extend the results.

Before and After

teeth whitening near me
Teeth After.HEIC

Teeth brightened five shades in one single session

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