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LED light therapy

LED Light Therapy

Laser Smooth uses at the Aduro medical grade LED Light Therapy system to address common skin concerns such as ageing, hyperpigmentation, broken capillaries, skin dullness, and acne. This system can be customised so that you can address multiple concerns in the one light facial.


Does LED Light Therapy burn?

No, you will not feel any heat with your treatment.

Is there any downtime?

There is absolutely no downtime and you can return to all normal treatments and wear makeup as normal

How long will it take?

An ordinary treatment takes 20 mins.

Can I combine LED with other treatments?

Absolutely. You can add this on to all treatments but is especially beneficial with our collagen facials.

What can you target?

We can target dark circles, pigmentation, skin dullness, acne including hormonal breakouts, skin redness, ageing and reduce pore size.

How often can I have treatments?

You can have 2-3 treatments per week if required. At least one rest day is required between each treatment.

What colour lights do you have?

Red - anti-wrinkle and increase collagen production

Orange - Skin revitalisation

Yellow - reduce inflammation, sunburn and rosacea

Green - to address pigmentation 

Cyan - for broken capillaries

Blue - reduce acne and teeth whitening

Purple - Cell rejuvenation

Near Infra Red - skin booster and healing

How long before I see results?

This depends entirely on the problem  and the severity of the problem you are trying to fix. Different coloured lights are used to achieve different results and the time to receive a result is different for all. Please ask your technician for a personalised skin assessment.


Will it fade my tattoos?

It is highly unlikely as LED light therapy masks do not share the same light wavelengths as those that are known to fade tattoos. If you are in any way concerned you can simply cover any tattoos with some white cloth. 


Pre and Post Care

Treatment Plan

Depending on the light used for your particular issue a series of treatments are likely to be recommended. Different coloured lights may take longer before a treatment can be seen however the average treatment plan would be twice per week for 6 weeks.



All light reflecting makeup, sunscreens etc need to be removed.


Post-Care - First 48 Hours

Avoid sun exposure and use a broad spectrum sunscreen and a wide-brimmed hat if you are outside.

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