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A one-of-a-kind BB Cream! These Beauty Base Creams are formulated with nutritious plant-based ingredients to even out skin tone and blur blemishes while feeding, moisturising, and protecting your skin. 


Our BB Creams give the complexion a dewy finish with a hint of colour to balance out skin tone, texture, and flaws. For those who want a more matte look, our Mineral Powder can be dusted on top. 


These creams contain squalene, which helps to nourish and preserve hydration, as well as Vitamin E, Zinc Oxide, and Titanium Dioxide for UV protection. Rosewater calms the skin, niacinamide improves skin tone and strengthens the skin's surface, and panthenol can help with hydration and irritation.


Available in four shades:

  • Light - Belongil Beach
  • Medium Light - Wategos Beach
  • Medium - Tallow Beach
  • Dark - Clarkes Beach


Your perfect shade

To help you find your right hue, our staff compared and matched these lovely BB creams to our powdered mineral foundation.


Belongil - Light: Perfection Light Vanilla, Perfection Vanilla, Perfection Lightest Beige, Perfection Light Caramel, Flawless Ultra Light, Flawless Light Beige, Flawless Porcelain, Flawless Nude Beige


Wategos - Medium Light:  Perfection Light Caramel, Perfection Beige, Perfection Neutral Sand, Perfection Warm Beige, Flawless Porcelain, Flawless Golden Light, Flawless Light Tan


Tallow - Medium:  Perfection Warm Beige, Perfection True Tan, Perfection Darkest Beige, Perfection Olive, Flawless Golden Light, Flawless Light Tan, Flawless Sand, Flawless True Beige, Flawless Olive 

Clarke’s - Dark:  Perfection Darkest Beige, Perfection Olive, Perfection Chocolatte, Flawless Olive, Flawless Mocha Magic


Use our Beauty Blender Sponge or Kabuki Brush for the best application and effects.

Mineral BB Cream

GST Included
  • Faulty or incorrect products may be returned for full refund within 14 days. If you received the incorrect item it must be returned in original, unopened packaging.


    We do not accept returns if you change your mind.


    We cannot provide a refund or exchange for products purchased from other retailers. Only products purchased from Laser Smooth will be considered for return or exchange.


    Items need to be returned directly to Laser Smooth salon and will be processed within 10 business days.